In April I founded purpose@heart ApS and became self-employed. With an offer to share my knowledge and experiences about building products and organisations with strong ties to customers, employees and surrounding stakeholders. Not least to cope and grow in a digital reality, where transparency and speed requires fast, almost impulsive decision-making. In these conditions, the ability to replicate good, be noticed and recognized, calls for a clear direction, relevance and firm consistency.

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As consumers, we are increasingly bombarded with IoT Smart Home solutions and assistants, to put our Homes on the Internet-of-Things and make them Smarter. Every manufacturer in the home arena are pulling their hair trying to figure out, how to put their products on the Internet-of-Things.

What is the path to success in a Smart Home then? if nothing else it is my experience that it starts with a few generic rules of thumb…

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purpose@heart is a networking solo mission from a humanistic strategist with a development mindset. Besides of my two cents of contribution I will post my views about topics relevant to my expertise and to purpose@heart.

I come with a focus on the customer and a belief that you have to overcome the barriers to change to stay relevant. The field of marketing is disrupted in more ways than we care to think about.

We grow by sharing. Your knowledge and views may ignite a new idea for me or somebody else. Every new idea is a different combination of two existing, and I invite you to share your inputs here. For the sake of good order, I will take the liberty of removing any inputs out of topic for this blog. Thanks.