who i AM

At the beginning of 2018, after 25 years of corporate life, 17 as the CMO, building one of the globally strongest building industry brands, I have stepped out. Helping businesses and organisations improve the pulling power of their customer relations.

On my watch VELUX® doubled in consumer awareness and preference. Went from nowhere to 4th most-liked. Became a green-tech thought leader. And is perhaps the only window, you call by name? I conceived the first IoT smart home product development in the VELUX programme. Transformed the global marketing organisation into a brand-centric 3D marketing matrix to meet the rise of a digital world. And captained the development of one of the most effective sports sponsorships in Europe in the past decade. Among others.

Outside of my CMO merits I have served on various boards, currently as the chairman of Design Society and Danish Design Center promoting Danish design as a value creator for designers, business and as a strategic proposition for Denmark in global competition.

I believe in deep analytical skills. A holistic perspective. And focus on development as the way to see beyond the first horizon and deliver strong, sustainable results. 



Michael K. Rasmussen, Owner

My company purpose@heart is a solo mission by design. With a solid toolbox and a strong network of partners and professionals, selected for their skills and ability to deliver in the background. As a senior advisor or aboard with my clients for a leg or two, I orchestrate change and make it happen!


Feel free to reach out for more dialogue about my experiences, what I do, or how I work as an independent network freelancer.