Leaving ‘corporate life’ a year ago the road lay wide open. In April I founded purpose@heart ApS and became self-employed. With an offer to share my knowledge and experiences about building products and organisations with strong ties to customers, employees and surrounding stakeholders. Not least to cope and grow in a digital reality, where transparency and speed requires fast, almost impulsive decision-making. In these conditions, the ability to replicate good, be noticed and recognized, calls for a clear direction, relevance and firm consistency.

As it turns out, I am not alone with this belief. I cooperate with good people, who have trusted me with purposeful assignments.. It is fun - motivating and inspiring to have the opportunity. And I am grateful for the confidence, which has been shown in me by my customers, letting me contribute to core purpose and strategies in their organisations. 

I am in surplus. Financially and as a human being. Sustainability is both hard and soft.

I prefer to look in the mirror, and recognize, that what I do, creates value and makes a difference for somebody, somewhere. For my customers and for me. I believe, that I have succeeded to do so until now, and even though the road is still open, it is fair to conclude ‘so far, so good!’

When you travel long distance, one eye is always on the the dashboard meter (or perhaps the battery indicator inn 2018?). How far is the needle from empty? To be an independent advisor is a bit like that. How long is it to the next gas station? It is a condition. One of my goals for 2019 is getting used to this reality. The outlook is fair.

Beyond that, I will do my utmost to enjoy the ride. And try to live up to the ambition, I set up for myself and for purpose@heart, before I started: To do things for a reason, try to make a positive difference and have fun along the way. Alone and with others.


I want to extend my warm thanks to everyone I have met in my first year as self-employed. For support, trust, cooperation, advice, recommendations and tips for new encounters or ideas. It has been an absolute pleasure, and wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year for you and for your family, I hope we meet again, around the next corner - in 2019.

Bonne route!