what I do

Being noticed and standing out is a strategic issue for most companies and organisations. Not everyone has all the skills required in their own team or the full-time need, for that matter.

I offer my proven record and expertise to fill that gap, helping businesses and organisations improve the pulling power of their customer relations. 

In short, that is about brand strategy, reputation mgmt., customer journeys and digital transformation.

The slightly longer version about my contribution is the capability to effectively orchestrate audiences, touch points, agendas and content around a strong, consistent core to deliver value to all your stakeholders. Across products and services, customer engagement, organisational effectiveness and as a corporate citizen.

I tailor my services to every customer at different levels of engagement.

I aim to meet my customers at eye level.  With an attentive attitude.  Asking questions to understand my dialogue partner. Query if something is not clear. Be prepared to ask ‘stupid’ questions. Be on time. Speak my mind. Keep my promises.

My services come in different sizes:



KNOWLEDGE sharing my insights and brand thinking beliefs for inspiration and training purposes. Based on my two cents as a an outside in presentation and debate about the purpose of building strong stakeholder relations and how to do it. Or based on your industry or a current issue, you may have to solve.




EVALUATE reviewing target group relations and identities reporting the ‘state-of-the-nation’ in an action-oriented manner. Touching on the strategy behind. How you organize for a successful implementation. The processes you apply to repeat best practice. And the content you put into the delivery of your purpose.



orchestrate change

ADVISE developing strategies, structures, processes and/or content for implementation. Looking at customer journeys and touch points offline AND online in the 'physical' world we are traveling into.


make it happen!

WALK-WITH-YOU leading the implementation of a strategy, key programme or project with you, your team and other required specialist competences. Being part of your team helping with implementation and delivery with the aim to methods and insights for internal replication.



Feel free to reach out for more dialogue about my experiences, what I do, or how I work as an independent network freelancer.