the ability to replicate good

The ability to replicate good relies on a strong process or modus operandi. Nevertheless, every project is different and should be scoped and managed independently.

Before entering a project, every process starts with a brief/debrief to ensure, that our expectations are aligned. Irrespective of the purpose.

From the outset I work in two ways: 

A front-end model, exploring an opportunity, ‘pressure-proofing’ relevant data and insights as fuel for generation of ideas, that go into synthesis leading to the final proposal or concept. Formulating the concept is usually an iterative process of sprints revisiting idea generation and possibly the opportunity space, as more insights asurface, ideas are expressed and put into context.

A development model, based on design thinking with iterative sprints gradually developing the object towards a minimum viable solution. Launching a pilot. Tracking. Learning. Developing. Sharing. Until the quality and the stability of the outcome is satisfactory. Compared with the goals and targets, you anticipated in the outset.

My company purpose@heart is a solo mission with a strong toolbox - a large network of professionals, that I know from personal experience, and wholeheartedly can recommend for their skills and ability to deliver. It makes sense and I regard it as a strength, to cast the team from task to task, once you know, which game we are playing.

You can buy my passion for longer or shorter periods of time, depending on the nature of the challenge or need. I can share my knowledge on brand thinking related to your industry, measure up and report current performance, help you build a strategy, build and share the execution plan with your organisation, or come aboard with you in the implementation for a period.

Or we could simply start out sharing thoughts and increasing our collective knowledge base on brand orchestration and what it takes to perform in a digital world.