what I have done

I have walked the path a few times, and I am ready to share.

 I come with a focus on the customer and a belief, that you have to overcome barriers to change to stay relevant. The field of marketing is disrupted in more ways than we care to think about, and based on my experiences as the CMO for many years, some journeys leave deeper grooves than others. Some, because they were more purposeful, than others. Some  harder to bring home. More exciting. More impactful. Or just plain fun and motivating.

Below I have listed a few examples, I carry with me for one or more of these reasons, and a few examples, that have also left deep grooves in my bank: 


Digital transformation 

I launched the first web site a century ago, in 1997 and the first e-shop in 1999. That wasn’t digital transformation. It was an exotic add-on to to a marketing machine, that had been working for decades. Today digital IS the machine and you need to build (or re-build) your marketing team to do this. Focus on the customer touch points you can own or control and dare to enter the customer’s universe, where attention and engagement are earned by your ability to be relevant from their perspective. 

As a mgmt. sponsor of a strategic programme named The Digital Customer Journey I have had first hand experience of how to embark on a continuous digital transformation journey. I have the scars to prove, that ‘fail fast’ and the principles of repetitive design sprints and MVPs are a challenge to a corporate stage-gate regime (and vice versa), but the rewards are worth it. Most recently this responsibility led me into  product development for the smart home with IoT, facing the need to enter strategic partnerships to succeed.




From product to thought leader

Energy has been the eye of the storm for the building industry since the first big oil crisis in 1973. Back then the response from the building industry to the political demand of ‘saving energy’ was thicker walls, fewer and smaller holes. In 2005 the Poles were melting and polar bears floating south. Al Gore pointed out the ‘inconvenient truth’ and the politcal demands looked a lot like the 70’s all over again.

As a product or component it is very difficult to avoid the impacts of this type of changes to fundamental relevance, such as this. 

The solution, that presented itself, was to come up with an attractive alternative. 

As a thought leader you take responsibility to become part of the solution, in stead of owning the problem. Sustainable living in buildings was one of those rare events in history with 4x win for the user, the industry, societyies and the planet. It makes a world of difference, when you have purpose in a positive way - and you can apply it positively to all your stakeholders and the surrounding world simultaneously. 

    sustainable living in buildings


  the indoor generation

Globalisation of processes and organisations

From implementing the principles of Lean in Administration to taking a multi-local marketing community with local focus and priorities I have chaired the transformation into a global marketing team on one single platform. With common prioritisation principles and collaboration tools, well-equipped for the digital age. Abandoning the functional silos of the traditional marketing department and entering a customer journey structure around customer focus, channel mgmt. and an evolving marketing agenda enables the opportunity for effective delegation of activities. To meet the need for speed and agility in the digital universe, while keeping a clear direction for the brand in the core.


    global projects (e.g. velux ehf men’s champions league)


Reputation management FROM the top team

For more than 10 years I have been sitting at the top table with the responsibility for brand, marketing and communications ensuring effective engagement with all stakeholders, internal and external, local and global with the right positioning propositions, the appropriate channels and effective processes to maintain and grow strong and long-lasting relations with all target groups.

    healthyhome barometer



Feel free to reach out for more dialogue about any of my experiences.