The common ground between brand and consumer is where stakeholder relationships meet business strategy. Agendas are formed from the right combination of attitudinal influence to create an atmosphere of positive expectation, and impetus to action, triggering buying decisions in the short term.

The number of concurrent agendas varies between organisations with ambition, available resources, level of complexity and audacity.

They will change over time, as the objectives of strategy evolve. And as they do, it is equally important to maintain the Who, the description of your audience, and the What, the most important contracts you make with your audience, as they will evolve and grow stronger with time, as is the case for any healthy relationship.


Consistent delivery and recognition by auduiences in an environment of infinite omni-touchpoint  requires a strong, consistent core. 


It is very often in the transition from a short, clear-cut core over product development to customer engagement, that the translation is lost. You have to orchestrate the change and make it happen.

It takes a combination of foresight, rigor, structure, trust and delegation to create results. Know where your journey takes you. Bring an apt team. Prepare itenaries. Pack right content. Then you can delegate the execution to the whole organisation for maximum impact in a digital world.


This is my view of the matter, of course. I am curious to hear yours, and encourage any views or insights you want to contribute to our continuous development. Feel free to chip in by mail, or on LinkedIn and twitter. Thanks.