From building and driving purposeful brands for my entire professional life, I have accumulated a portfolio of knowledge, about how to develop stakeholder relations. To anchor them in organisations and to make them prosper, and deliver value over time.

With purpose@heart I want to share my knowledge and invite you to contribute comments and examples to develop our collective base. Use the models. Or call on me as an advisor and core competence of brand leadership.

I am a firm believer of placing purpose at the heart of your organisation and radiate the core throughout all aspects of your activity to deliver maximum value consistently. And purpose@heart is created on that assumption. Be noticed and stand out to your audience.

It isn’t rocket science, its about crafting brands. Based on my experiences - and some based on theory. Picked up along the journey. I owe my knowledge to working with numerous clever people - academics and practitioners alike - in different stages of my professional life. My contribution is to compose it with strategy and orchestrate a symphony across functional silos to create tangible results.